Sitemap - 2020 - Emily Writes Weekly 

EWW: Merry, merry Christmas

EWW: Heartbreak (High) and "record" stores

EWW: Ensuring the wheels don't fall off

EWW: Suburban Facebook groups, Christmas shopping and Three Little Birds

EWW: Did I just invent birth-shaming?

EWW: A little kindness

EWW: A weekend away (but not very far)

Bonus: Relief, rest, recovery

Thoughts with, and for, divided states

EWW: Put down the pitchfork

Part 4: Talking to an expert in sex trafficking

EWW: Joy and healing

Don't put vanilla melts in your vagina

EWW: A quiet one

EWW: Joy is not made to be a crumb

How fragile we are...

EWW: Yes, you're political

EWW: Aspiring to more than two houses

I watched three seasons of Selling Sunset in three days on tramadol and I have questions

EWW: Raising our kids without gender stereotyping


EWW: It's almost surgery time!

Part 3: Conspiracy theories and abortion

EWW: I don't want to vote

EWW: 2020 as a TV show

"I'm just asking questions" and other things narcissists say

EWW: Sick kids and new lives

The rise of Christian fundamentalism on NZ Instagram

EWW: While you were sleeping

Part 2: Debunking the conspiracy theories doing the rounds on Instagram right now

EWW: In bed with Harry Styles

Part 1: Debunking the conspiracy theories doing the rounds on Instagram right now

EWW: Belonging and dogs

EWW: Conspiracy theories and the power of influencers

I chickened out in publishing this on The Spinoff so you can have it

EWW: Exhaustion and politics and Anastasia "Stacey" Elizabeth McGill

EWW extra: Is feminism dead?

WTF: The new Trolls movie

EWW: School holiday humble brags and average parenting

Unsolved Mysteries to scare you to sleep

EWW: Chimpanzees can kill you

EWW BONUS: A writer hierarchy

TFW: Keanu Reeves makes you a worm farm

EWW: Turns out I've been doing this wrong the whole time

EWW: Capybaras, religion and activism

EWW: Birthdays, level one and soft-core porn

EWW BONUS: What's wrong with being wrong?

EWW: Learning, unlearning and teaching our children

EWW: Girlfriends, good TV and bad books

EWW: Water babies, reunions and reproductive rights

EWW: Rights and freedoms and hope

EWW: The struggle, the endless juggle, and pondering pashing

EWW: Rabid anti-vaxxers, Boris Fucking Johnson, and a giant ninja turtle

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EWW: My Quibi obsession, fan mail and home bloody learning

EWW: Quarantine cuts, toxic positivity, and Altered Carbon peen

EWW: The Bachelorette boys, ethical porn, exhaustion and hobbies

EWW: Chimpanzees, Covid-19, and teddies in windows

EWW extra: Activities to help keep your children connected to the outside world

EWW: Isolation, getting out of a rut, lesbian cruises and dead pets

EWW extra: It's easy to practise social distancing when you have no friends

EWW: Hooray! It's the very first edition of Emily Writes Weekly