Sitemap - 2022 - Emily Writes Weekly 

A buffet of holiday reads...

I think we have made it to the other side? (Fingers crossed)

The worst people you meet at Christmas

Supporting neurodivergent children this Christmas...

The most popular (not including Alexander Skarsgard lightly touching your back as he walks past you while you’re wearing a backless dress)

“Why would you lie to your child?”

FNC - Cults, mealtimes, and busy weeks

Pharmac and the curious case of media management

FNC - Cocaine Bear, Harry and Meghan, end of year blues, and breaks

TV to cry to (coz sometimes you gotta weep)

Great Christmas gift ideas that give back

I tried to recreate the Christmas magic of my childhood

FNC - Heroes and wankers and weekends

Does my cat really love me?

Quick things you can do for your community this week...

FNC - New special interest just dropped!

Christopher Luxon knows the truth about mediocrity

Good parents

FNC: Polls, porn, and a poem

I don't know how we do it

Getting to the bottom of Omelette-Gate

FNC - Parenting tough times and Twitter's eventual death...

Community building with your whānau

Understanding the emu content controversy

FNC - Goals, goals, goals...

Mourning someone I never met

FNC - Emu cuddlefest, Rick Rolling, Sk8er boy


This must be the place

FNC - Conspiracy theories, raunchy audiobooks and farm stays..

A quiz!

I can't do this anymore and...

FNC - Camp, horror films, and school holidays

Are you smarter than a seven-year-old

FNC - Bad News, bad TV, and bad sleep

Thank you

FNC - Smut Club, sexting, and scumbags

Stop being such a shit parent

Tipping the scales

FNC - Festivals, Ōtautahi, and hexing...

About last night....

Do you know who you're voting for?

FNC - Behind the scenes and a Forbidden Rumspringa

Here we go...

Five things we could do right now to support disabled children

FNC - Beefcakes ruined by capitalism

In the end....

FNC - Fred the fish, soft TV, events...

A plea to our media

How do we raise gentle, kind boys?

Three years ago

FNC - All flippers, no beak.

Netflix’s new Woodstock 99 doco is as subtle as a brick

FNC - Pee Shark, live music & votes

The Call - helping others this month

Christopher Luxon and all he’ll never do or know

FNC - Writing anxiety

Daddy Zuck giving you content

How to get your baby out of a swaddle

Is your baby going through a sleep regression?

I'd like to invite you....

FNC - Book launches, Coop & Roof and Covid dodging

Some brains

A reminder...

FNC - Cord banks, capybaras and choppy brains

What’s it like never having periods?

The man

FNC - School holiday wind-down

Behind the story...

Can we keep going?

FNC - Sex, sex, sex

Does it get easier?

Catch up time

FNC - Puanga, rest and reading

This is going to hurt - and it did

Who can afford this year’s flu vaccine?

FNC - Top Guns, insta births, and bookstores

The pandemic isn’t over

FNC - Moustache or no moustache

What we can do for Pride

FNC - That new book smell

Do antenatal classes need to be regulated?

The Casketeers bears witness to our nation's pandemic trauma

FNC - I am still sick bleurgh

Down with the sickness

FNC - Lusting for Vikings and low vibrations

What can families like ours hope for in the budget?

The hypocrisy of capitalism

FNC - Twins, taonga, & trying hard

A lil life update

My book has a title and a cover!

FNC - Bruceiful merch, hair, and weight loss churches

The Call: May edition

We need to change the way we talk about mothers and mental illness

FNC - Screaming kids, sugar highs, and school holidays...



FNC - Deez Nutz, a duet, and dancing (with me and the stars)

Maxi vaxxers don't exist

Good Friday Night Chats

When you find out your friend is a sexual predator

You are Alexander Skarsgård's wildest dreams...

FNC - Love, love, love

Here we are now, entertain us

Toxic take bingo

FNC - Baby book edits, empaths, and a scodey teddy

Something magical

Questions I had during the Oscars

FNC - Book titles, cats and cowbells

The storm

I've had Covid 19 and here's my advice...

FNC - Jabcinda nonsense, Skete news, and good TV

The Call

A place at the table

FNC - Gen Z, a duck tale, and a new app

Job interview for town planner of Gotham City


FNC - Bad parenting, bad news and broccoli

Autistic children are suffering in this pandemic

Urgent edition of The Call

What to do if your child gets Covid 19

FNC: Disney dress codes and blasts from the past

Give it a year...

Exclusive interview with the man who created Covid 19

FNC - Barbie, books, and breaks

Hey babe. Let's go online...

The paths

FNC - Dunning-Kruger Camps, the FluTruxKlan, horny Irish accents and farts

Do you have ADHD?

How to purge your wardrobe and get your life back

FNC - Big news in the Writes whare

‘There’s nothing I won’t do to keep my child safe’: The rise in pandemic homeschooling

The Call - Helping in the red

FNC - Tubthumping, baby birthdays, and Sex and the City's terrible reboot.

Piers Morgan is mad

One good thing

FNC - Kanye & Kim & Pete, fast fashion, and other distractions and important things...

Shein, The Fat Spectrum and The Boots Theory

A magical day...

FNC - Shorter reads for shorter attention spans

The queue

Scared of needles? This will help!