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Ngā mihi o te tau hou

The best long-reads of 2021

The best news of 2021

FNC - It's been a week, mates

Why should only the unvaxxed benefit from rapid tests?

The race to the bottom

FNC - Succession, bad Rogan, and good limericks

After Word: an exit interview with Rachael King

Cause for hope...

FNC - Sleeping apart, gay Ken, and National’s new leader

Playcentre boss seeks meeting with PM about vaccination mandate

Some Noob-free TV

FNC: I'm a mindset coach now

The Call: November edition

Monday Chats

Cartoon honouring mosque attack victims used to push anti-vaxx agenda

A weekend in Ōtautahi

How to set a boundary with your family about vaccination

Friday Night Chats but on a Saturday morning???

How fragile we are...

When the day is done

Friday Night Chats

What am I doing here?

Why mothers turn to Facebook for medical advice

Friday night chats

The Call - Where can you help this month?

What a week it has been...

Playcentre concerned about ‘fighting and animosity’ due to vaccine mandate

Friday Night Chats

Everything sucks but look

Why there was no Friday Night Chats

Something to read

Escaping into someone else's world

Friday night chats

David Seymour's collateral damage

Monster hunt / Man hunt

Friday Night Chats

Imagination under attack

Friday Night Chats

The morning spring

Something different...

Friday Night Chats

Helen Mirren lights Stanley Tucci's cigar and winks...

The call - a newsletter within a newsletter

Friday Night Chats

What to expect if you're giving birth in lockdown

TV to calm your nerves

Friday Night Chats

Rāhui and second chances

How I have come to live with never sleeping

Will we lose another beloved birth centre next month?

About that Plunket petition...

Secret leaked Judith Collins tape

Friday Night Chats

Rest in Peace Bernadino

Holding on to what's golden

What happened to the McFlurry®?

Top 5 TV shows more depressing than the current state of the world

An impossible divide

Friday night chats

Taxpayers’ Union Increasingly Anxious About Their Relevancy

Breaking: Salp news

Friday Night Chats

School holiday joy

I don't think change is coming...

Leaked: Finding a host for TVNZ's new show

Friday Night Chats

Eddie shares his story with politicians

Sex/Life and guilty pleasure

Friday Night Chats!

F*ck Covid

Influencer culture and the subscription model

Don’t buy your child an axolotl

I tried to review a book about sleep

Monday Night Chats: Coked up hippos and revenge


EWW: Te Kohurau Mothers Auxiliary

Road secrets

Friday Night Chats!

A big adventure for a little boy

Rest and raffles

Friday Night Chats

EWW: All you need to do

Tour diaries...

EWW: Friday Night Chats

It begins!

EWW: Friday night chats!

DOC plan to handle bad boi snakes

A leaked transcript from the JB Hi-Fi Mother’s Day catalogue planning meeting

Friday Night Chats

How do we end lunchbox shaming?

What am I teaching my sons about sex?

EWW: Friday Night Chats

Goodbye and thank you

Friday night chats

Mother’s Day gifts for real mums who have flesh and skin

Hard work

Friday Night Chats

EWW: It's Wanakan not Wanakan't

EWW: Hello from the South Island!

Friday Night Chats

My heart is where my home is

Good Friday chats!

Sunday night chats

Bathe in the tears of property investors: Part two

Let us bathe in the tears of property investors

Fuck Police 10-7

EWW Friday Night Chats!

EWW: How do we make the streets safe?

EWW: In the night we have community

I need your help (again, sorry!)

A nation's reckoning and the ripples that follow

Friday Night Chats

EWW: The inside scoop on Married at First Sight

A mother's rage

Friday Night Chats!

EWW: Bob, helping others, and "trained wakings"

BREAKING: Cancel Culture Committee Meeting minutes leaked!

Friday night chats (The First!)

February 2015 - February 2021 - ...

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

EWW: That time I was on The Guilty Feminist podcast

Discussion thread: I need your help

EWW: Killed by hats

EWW: Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should...

EWW: A little birthday

What are the main concerns about the Covid 19 vaccines?

EWW: Independence!

Vaccines are incredible

EWW: Coming home for mahi

EWW: Achievable New Year Resolutions

Beware the self-described expert