Sitemap - 2023 - Emily Writes Weekly 

Great rabbitholes to fall into!

How not to be a jerk at Christmas

FNC - A bonanza edition!

I tried to recreate the Christmases of my childhood - it was A TIME lol

Food is love, food is fuel

FNC - It's the final countdown

Substackers Against Nazis

The rules for Christmas don't apply

FNC - From an exhausted extremist

What’s the point?

FNC: What is going ON?!

Who’s afraid of Te Reo Māori?

A challenge for influencers this Christmas

"Just get a job!"

FNC - The Worst Throuple Ever

How's that Coalition of Chaos going?

The moving heart

FNC - A busy weekend!

Why your actions on Gaza matter

To the person who let off fireworks from 3.30am till 5.20am last night

FNC - Time for a hurkle-durkle

The Too Hard Basket

FNC - Hey, fever

“Our hearts are in a vice”

FNC - I guess it’s (a kind of) magic

What can I do to help stop this genocide

We need to talk about sexual safety for disabled children

This is the world we made.

FNC - Is something happening tomorrow?


And Just Breathe.....

You can hear him in his dancing

FNC - Holy Panda Diplomacy is that a killer elephant?!

I'm the 'deserving poor' and you could easily become me

FNC - Aussie larrikins and local journalism

Jeremy Wade wants you to be OK

FNC: This Friday Night Chats has everything

Is your rental your home?

FNC - I'm back!

Kids changing the world

A teenager's OCD journey

FNC - On a break but there's still FNC

Today might be a hard day

FNC: A kinder world (and a break)

"I’m representative of something that’s unbearable to humanity"

Friday Night Chats - Dicks and dickie bows

Lauren Dickason and the future that could have been

FNC: From the house of sick

FNC - We have an update! It's good news!

Will we lose our last Covid 19 protection?

We all lost in the Shared Leave Bill debate

FNC - True Crime, Lizzo, and the truly cancelled

A kitten and a little boy

FNC - Relaxed concerts, busy weeks

I promise...

FNC - Baby I can drive my car

Barbie and the pain of being alive

New National housing policy a winner

FNC - Mānawatia a Matariki

Ways to help your community this month

FNC - School holiday reads

When should I get my Covid 19 booster?

FNC - I know a place

Not just a book but a community

My boy was just like me

FNC: Podcast recs up the wazoo

Being an upstander

I need a break

FNC - An update and my gratitude

"They don't care if you live or die"

FNC - Paul Diesel, surf therapy and Kenergy

Explainer: OK, but what exactly is MMP

Help! I don't know what games are safe for my kids...

FNC - Podcast ideas because everyone has a podcast

This is where the clitoris is

FNC - Something wholesome

What can families like ours hope for in the 2023 budget?

“We will look after them”

Mother’s Day for everyone

FNC - The Billowy shirt, queer stories, and protests

The Call: Ways to help your community this month

Glenique Frank, marathon runner, I salute you.

FNC - Gay twins, neighbours and book drops

The AMA: ND kids, food challenges, anxious parkers and more...

Cutting through the wealth tax bullsh*t

FNC - I never had gastro before kids

Explainer: Is it time for a rent freeze?

FNC - Life admin and the end of the school holidays

How to spot a fanatic

All kids need sex education at school

FNC - I'm back...

Cottagecore: Don't mistake colonial fantasy for connection

FNC: Holidays!


Audience Participation

FNC: Group Chat Collective Edition

Meet the Group Chat Collective!

Oh no, Emily is Sick!

I will tell you the truth

Everything you need to know about the MMR vaccine…

FNC - Reading, watching, listening

It takes like five villages

"Why we are striking" - Aotearoa's teachers

Explainer: Why are teachers striking?

FNC - Sleep, solutions, and teen dreams

The bad thing

FNC: The Bad Week

What the Hell are you on about?

An investigation into McDonald's chips

FNC - flirting chat bots, NYTerfs, and a fat cat

A ten-year-old diabetic on the fight for glucose monitors

"I would tell them they're not alone"

FNC - A very long week

Cyclone Gabrielle media round-up & brain breaks

FNC - a soft landing

Magic Mike's Last Dance


FNC - School’s back!

The Explainer: The Government's Three Waters Reform

The first day of school

FNC - Birthdays and back to school!

What the Hell are you on about?

What do we lose when we lose a bookstore?

FNC - Succulents, Santas and socialism

How to get your baby to sleep

How to be a rich boy

FNC - Spare, good books and good movies

The new dawn is not miraculous

Friday Night Chats is back

The official drink of Ward One